March 13

Helping the Community



Many students in clubs or even as individuals take part in community service hours by working at the concession stand. It is most common for students in clubs to work at the concession stand.

By working there, guests at school games can have their fill on snacks as they enjoy the game.

You can contact Mrs. Carrie Rivas when you can work at the concession stand. She can also help you get more community service hours if you need them.

As of now, they are currently holding a bake sale to help students get more service hours.

Community service hours can also help you get scholarships to help you pay for college.

How do you like helping around in your community?

March 9

CxC Supporting the Banquet


Every year, the Cross Country Girls help support the Chamber of Commerce Banquet that the community does every year. For Cross Country, it helps pay for their 7 and 9 mile shirts that  they get annually. The banquet enables them to help the community and those who start auctioning things in the end.

(Picture Below)


Caption: Cross Country members begin setting up tables before the banquet starts

For the first time, Mary Pop’s catered the food. The Cross Country girls helped them serve everything. Mary Pops served a fried chicken breast with a side sauce, spaghetti, and salad. For dessert, there was a mini caramel cake. Options for drinks were water and unsweet and sweet tea.

                  (Picture Below)








  Caption: Example of the meals that were served to those who attended the banquet

          The banquet is one event that cross country helps with.


Will you be joining the cross country team next school year?

March 9

Lady Leopards fall to Lady Trojans


    The Lady Leopards fell to the Trojans on Thursday night  during the district tournament. This year the tournament was held in Hot Springs.

     The first quarter was as intense as it was because no one was scoring in the double digits when the quarter ended. Seconds before half time, the Lady Leopards led by one  point, due to Abby Dykes shooting two free throws.

       In the first half the Lady Trojans out rebounded the Lady Leopards, but after a while the Lady Leopards started rebounding more of the missed shots. Trojans started falling behind during the third quarter and into the fourth quarter.

Tatyana Tramble fouled out late into the fourth quarter with Ashley Dykes subbing back in for her.

Citlally Perez-Cuadra, a junior, was asked how she felt about the outcome of the game. She said,”Even though we lost, we still played really hard.”

The ending score was 35-41 with Lady Trojans winning.






February 26

DHS Show Choir Dazzles at Chamber of Commerce Banquet


The De Queen High School Show Choir performed at the annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet on Thursday, February 22, 2018 in the high school cafeteria.

The Show Choir performed the National Anthem, as well as four of their five songs that they will perform on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. After their performance, the Chamber of Commerce gifted the Show Choir with $500 to help fund their trip.

“The Chamber of Commerce Banquet was really good practice for D.C.,” said President and Junior, Sophie Burke.

The songs that were performed were: “Mercy,” “One Call Away,” “A Thousand Years,” and “Waving Through a Window.” They will add “Can’t Stop the Feeling” when they travel to the America Sings Festival in April.

“The songs were all very fun and exciting to dance and sing to in front of the large crowd,” said Sophomore Haylie Melendez.

Did you attend the banquet and see Show Choir perform? Do you know someone who went?

Picture Credit: Mr. Lester
Members prepare for their performance

Picture Credit: Mr. Lester
Show Choir dances to “Mercy”

February 21

Dequeen FFA



FFA stands for Future Farmers of America.One of dequeens FFA members, Amber Morris stated,. ¨FFA is a fun organization where I get to meet new people and have a great time.  I am the FFA´s Photographer, I take pictures off all the kids showing, working, and doing all things FFA wise.¨


Here is a list of the FFA court :

President – Veronica Rivas

Vice President – Mekenna Cauddle

Secretary – Caitlyn Carver

Jr. Advisor – Brennen Seymour

Reporter – Joey Trejo

Photographer – Amber Morris

Treasure – Heather Bradshaw

Sentinel – Aubrey Seymour

Historian – Kaydee Cowling

Chaplin – Quinton Thorton

February 21

Tinker Club

By Deja Bell

Tinker Club is a club that was started this year. Students who join the club come in during lunch and work with technology that is in my classroom. Tinker Club also assist with the elementary’s annual Science Night and host their annual Tinker Fair. Tinker Fair is an event that happens toward the end of the year. This event allows students in De Queen Schools to show off different technology, robots, and various other items that they have worked with or created.Tinker Fair will be the beginning of May. An official date will be announce later. The reason why they started Tinker Club so that all students interested in working with the technology in Mrs. Bonds’ room could do just that, not just the kids in her classes. Mrs Bonds said, “I love seeing students come in and working with the equipment, students getting excited when they discover something new or figure something out for themselves, and students exploring things that interest them even if it interests no one else”. Comment below if you are interested on joining Tinker Club?


February 20

FCCLA interview and announcements


Who is being interviewed: Magdalena Lugo

What do you like about FCCLA:” some things were paid for me, Star events, and State conference”.

When did you first join  FCCLA:”8th grade year”.

Where are some places you’ve been to for FCCLA: “for Halloween we went to magic screams, UCA Conway, and Henderson”.

Why did you join FCCLA:” I wanted to join due to my sister saying it was exciting”.

(Magdalena Lugo (above).


The club will be selling decal stickers for 10 dollars, all money raised goes to star event participants and the state trip.

There will be a FCCLA meeting on Feb. 8,  to discuss FCCLA week and upcoming nursing home on visit Feb. 9, at lunch in Mrs. Mcmellons room.

FCCLA week is Feb. 12-15

Media Monday

T-shirt Tuesday

Donation for animal shelter is taken up on Wednesday

Taco Thursday  

February 20

Change Agents



Valentine’s Day-

As the month of love rolls around, we want to appreciate our loved ones. This doesn’t always just include your significant other, but also family members and friend that you want to show how much you care.

The Change Agents are doing a fundraiser.
They are selling Mexican candy, and original candy, in a red solo cup for the price of $3.00. They can be given to anybody in De Queens School campus. The deadline for the money to be turned in is February 12th.
The money can be turned into Mrs. Jane Moore personally or to one of the change agent members. “The money will be donated to the Sevier County Cancer Survivor Organization. Most of the money we earn also go to help out our immigrant community who are on their way to their citizenship, every little bit counts” Mrs. Moore said.

Did you buy one, or were you at least interested in buying one?

February 20



Front Row- Bradi Young , Kammi Pollard, Jessica Williams, Reisa Bakenhus, K’Leigh Guillotte, Daniela Zapata

Middle Row – Alma Puga, Jesse Power, Abraham Martinez, Edgar Espinoza, Jamile Navarrete

Back Row- Carter Rivas, Jesus Cisneros, Brandy Zuniga, Zayda Hernandez, and Bhumi Patel


1st place in sports management- Jessica Williams and Reisa Bakenhus

2nd place in Graphic Design- Jamile Navarrete

3rd place in Emerging Business Issues – Abraham Martinez, Jesse Power, Carter Rivas

5th place in Hospitality Management – Zayda Hernandez, Daniela Zapata, Brandy Zuniga

5th place in Impromptu speaking – Edgar Espinoza

6th place in Computer Problem Solving- Jesus Cisneros

When asked what does this mean for y’all getting first place

Jessica Williams said “It means so much! We prepared really hard for this. Our goal going in was 1st of course so that we could go to state. Now that we’ve reached it, it means that we’re one step closer to making it to nationals for the first time and that’s super exciting! We’re happy to be representing our school and district at state FBLA and hope to go farther!”

These students will have the opportunity to compete at the FBLA State Competition in Little Rock on April 9-10. Bradi Young and Kammi Pollard will also be competing in Social Media Campaign, which is a state only event.

Have you ever wanted to join this club?

February 20

Spanish Club

                                                                           BY MARISOL HERNANDEZ

The Spanish club is an organization open to any student (you do not need to meet any requisites) for 10-12 grades and any freshman who is enrolled in a Spanish class may also join. The Spanish club tries to have a monthly social where they get to have fun outside of school. They hold fundraising activities, work concession stands, and raise money for their scholarship program. The award of scholarships is worth $500 each for 1-3 qualifying seniors. To qualify, first of all, you must be a participating senior in the club and second, you must fill out the application. Would you like to join the club?